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Kenobi Morris

Country: United Kingdom

Qualification: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering; University of Nottingham

Communication style

Experienced mentor, will speak slow in easy English, and has interacted with ESL researchers.

  1. Instructor profile
  • Ph.D. | 2016: Mechanical Engineering, The University of Nottingham. Dissertation supervisor, Prof. Andy Chan, Computational study of Klang Valley’s urban climatology and urbanization of Putrajaya City, Malaysia.
  • Certificate | 2016: Global Environmental Management, Technical University of Denmark -DTU.
  • BEng | 2011: Mechanical Engineering, First Class Honours, The University of Nottingham. Thesis supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Wong Kok Cheong, Jet impingement heat transfer in a microchannel.
  • Certificate | 2008: Foundation in Engineering, School of Foundation Studies, Merit, The University of Nottingham
  • Certificate | 2005/6: Mechanical Engineering, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Youth Oil and Gas Training Program, Nigeria.
  • SSCE | 2002: National Examinations Council, Nigeria.
  • 2016 – Robin Lai Chiong Sun (MEng in Civil Eng): Review and systematic investigation of Climatology of Selangor in an effort to provide solutions to recurring extreme climate events in the region.
  • 2016 – Lim Chun Yan (MEng in Civil Eng): Formulation of urban development and planning strategies for retrofit and future urban development to supplement existing urban development guidelines in Selangor.
  • 2015 – 16 Phang Ching Kiat (MEng in Civil Engineering): Effect of urbanization on postharvest losses of Tomatoes in Klang Valley, Malaysia.
  • 2013 – 14 Lee Chian Fang (MEng in Civil Engineering): Planting and Vegetation as Mitigation Measure of Urban Heat Island in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2012 – 13 Lye Chit Bin (MEng in Civil Engineering): Urban Green Roof as a measure of urban heat island mitigation.
  • 2011 – 12 Liu Chen (MSc in Civil Engineering): Factors influencing formation of UHI.
Academic/Professional Awards/Grants
  • 2015 Faculty of Engineering funding for short investigation/research on Klang
  • Valley urbanization and regional climate change (RM20,000).
  • 2015 Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing for Sustainable Cities and Society
  • 2013 Faculty of Engineering Academic Excellent Scholarship, UNIM, Malaysia
  • 2012 Faculty of Engineering Research Training/Travel Grant Award.
  • 2011 The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Academic Excellent
  • Scholarship (for PhD program) in recognition of academic achievements
  • 2007 Rivers State Governor’s Special Overseas scholarship Award.
  • 2004 Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) skill scholarship.
Professional Organizations Membership
  • 2017 – Chartered Engineer (CEng), Engineering Council (EngC), (Registrant Number: 645605)
  • 2016 – The IAENG Society of Industrial Engineering (Member, 137362)
  • 2016 – The IAENG Society of Mechanical Engineering (Member, 137362)
  • 2016 – Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN), (Member)
  • 2013 – International Association of Engineers (IAENG), (Member, 137362)
  • 2013 – International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC), (Member)
  • 2011 – Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), UK (Member, 80140450)
Invited Presentations/Consultants
  • 2016 Briefing on the Effect of urbanization on the environment and thunderstorm
  • Initiation, Selangor Department of Housing and Property, 24th Feb 2016. The outcome (briefing) of which was a consultation contract with financial benefits.
  • 2013 Urbanisation and urban heat island in Malaysia, Malaysia Department of Meteorology.
  • M.C.G. Ooi, A. Chan, M.J. Ashfold, M.Y. Oozeer, K.I. Morris, S.S.K. Kong. The role of land use on the local climate and air quality during calm inter-monsoon in a tropical city. Geoscience Frontiers (ELSEVIER BV), 2018. DOI: 10.1016/j.gsf.2018.04.005. (Q1, IF = 4.256)
  • M.S.M. Nadzir, M.J. Ashfold, M.F. Khan, M.T. Latif, A.D. Robinson, C. Bolas, B.M. Wallis, M.I. Mead, H.H.A. Hamid, N.R. Harris, Z.T.A. Ramly, T.L. Goh, J.N. Liew, F. Ahamad, R. Uning, A.A. Samah, K.N. Maulud, W. Suparta, M.I.A. Wahab, M. Sahani, M. Muller, S.Y. Foong, N.A. Rahman; A. Mujahid; K.I. Morris, N.D. Sasso. Spatial-temporal variations in surface ozone over Ushuaia and the Antarctic region: observations from in situ measurements, satellite data, and global models. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (NATURE SPRINGER), 25(3), PP. 2194 – 2210, 2018. (Q2, IF= 2.741)
  • M.C.G. Ooi, A. Chan, K. Subramaniam, K.I. Morris, M.Y. Oozeer. Interaction of urban heating and local winds during the calm inter-monsoon seasons in the topics. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere (AGU PUBLICATIONS), 122 (21), pp. 11499 – 11523, 2017. (Q1, IF = 3.454)
  • K.I. Morris, A. Chan, K.J.K. Morris, M.C.G. Ooi, M.Y. Oozeer, Y.A. Abakr, M.S.M. Nadzir, I.Y. Mohammed, H.F. Al-qrimli. Impact of urbanization level on the interactions of urban area, the urban climate, and human thermal comfort. Applied Geography (ELSEVIER BV), 79, pp. 50 – 72, 2017. (Q1, IF = 2.687)
  • I.Y. Mohammed, Y.A. Abakr, J.N.X. Hui, P.A. Alaba. K.I. Morris, M.D. Ibrahim. Recovery of clean energy precursors from Bambara groundnut waste via pyrolysis: Kinetics, products distribution and optimization using response surface methodology. Journal of Cleaner Production (ELSEVIER BV), 164, pp. 1430 – 1445, 2017. (Q1, IF = 5.715)
  • K.I. Morris, A. Chan, K.J.K. Morris, M.C.G. Ooi, M.Y. Oozeer, Y.A. Abakr, M.S.M. Nadzir, I.Y. Mohammed. Urbanisation and urban climate of a tropical conurbation, Klang Valley, Malaysia. Urban Climate (ELSEVIER BV), 19, pp. 54 – 71, 2017. (Q1, IF = 2.09)
  • I.Y. Mohammed, Y.A. Abakr, S. Yusup, P.A. Alaba. K.I. Morris, Y.M. Sani, F.K. Kazi. Upgrading of Napier grass pyrolytic oil using microporous and hierarchical mesoporous zeolites: Products distribution, composition and reaction pathways. Journal of Cleaner Production (ELSEVIER BV), 162, pp. 817 – 829, 2017. (Q1, IF = 5.715)
  • M.C.G. Ooi, A. Chan, M.Y. Oozeer, K.I. Morris, M. Ashfold. Numerical study on effect of urban heating on local climate during calm inter-monsoon period in Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Urban Climate (ELSEVIER BV), 20, pp. 228 – 250, 2017. (Q1, IF = 2.09)
  • F.Z. Hiung, H.F. Al-Qrimli, K.I. Morris. Implementation of XFEM in the study of gear crack propagation behavior using the SIF on different moments. International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling (INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS), 12(3/4), pp. 362-368 2017. (Q3, IF = 1.36)
  • K.I. Morris, A. Chan, M.C.G. Ooi, M.Y. Oozeer, Y.A. Abakr, K.J.K. Morris. Effect of vegetation and waterbody on the garden city concept: An evaluation study using a newly developed city, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (ELSEVIER BV), 58, pp. 39 – 51, 2016. (Q1, IF = 2.659)
  • K.I. Morris, A. Chan, M.C-G. Ooi, S. Aekbal Salleh, Y.A. Abakr, M.Y. Oozeer. Numerical study on the urbanization of Putrajaya and its interaction with the local climate, over a decade. Urban Climate (ELSEVIER BV), 16, pp. 1 - 24, 2016. (Q1, IF = 2.09)
  • M.Y. Oozeer, A. Chan, M.C-G. Ooi, A.M. Zarzur, S.V. Salinas, B-N. Chew, K.I. Morris, W-K. Choong. Numerical Study of the Transport and Convective Mechanisms of Biomass Burning Haze in South-Southeast Asia. Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAGR ) 16(11), pp. 2950-2963, 2016. (Q2, IF = 2.606)
  • K.I. Morris, S. Aekbal Salleh, A. Chan, M.C.G. Ooi, Y.A. Abakr, M. Y. Oozeer, M. Duda. Computational study of urban heat island of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Sustainable Cities and Society (ELSEVIER BV), 19, pp. 359 – 372, 2015. (Q1, IF = 1.777)
  • K.I. Morris, S. Aekbal Salleh, A. Chan, M.C.G. Ooi, Y.A. Abakr, M.Y. Oozeer, M. Duda. Integrating Weather Research and Forecasting Model, Noah Land Surface Model and Urban Canopy Model for Urban Heat Island Effect Assessment. British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (SCIENCEDOMAIN International), 5(3), pp. 231 - 253, 2015.
  • S.A. Salleh, Z.A. Latif, A. Chan, K.I. Morris, M.C.G, Ooi, W.M.N.W, Mohd. Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) Model Modification of Land Surface Albedo Simulations for Urban Near-Surface Temperature. The 2015 International Conference on Space Science and Communication (IEEE IconSpace2015), pp. 243-247, 2015.

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