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Michael Fuccillo

Country: United States of America

Qualification: Ph.D. in Solid State Chemistry; Princeton University

Communication style

Experienced mentor, will speak slow in easy English, and has interacted with ESL researchers.

  1. Instructor profile
Michael is a well-published and well-cited researcher. He is also a journal peer reviewer and has held important positions in industry. He has consistently received recognition for his scholastic achievements. Michael has also been involved with a few startups. He designed and led 2 clinical trials and he has been successful in securing awards from various reputed organizations and universities. He is currently associated with several societies. Michael is available for consultation sessions on topics related to academic writing and publishing.
  • July 2010- Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Mar. 2015 PhD, Chemistry (Solid State Chemistry under Robert Cava)
  • Sept. 2005- Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • May 2010 BS, Chemistry, Minor in Physics, Magna cum laude
  • Sept. 2009- Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Dec. 2009 Study Abroad, East and Central European Studies
  • Jul. 2014- Chief Science Officer, Wellth, Brooklyn, NY
  • Present Head of research operations including clinical trials and grant writing
  • Areas of expertise: behavioral economics, chronic disease, eHealth, IT
  • May 2007- Laboratory Assistant, NuVant Systems, Crown Point, IN
  • Feb. 2010 Fuel cell catalyst and membrane materials research and quality testing
  • Areas of expertise: fuel cell design, catalysts, membrane materials
  • July 2008- Laboratory Assistant, Nano-Terra, Cambridge, MA
  • June 2010 Product research and development for commercialized nanotechnologies
  • Areas of expertise: nanomaterials, surface science, lithography, polymers
  • June 2006- Legal Research Intern, HBSS Law, Cambridge, MA
  • July 2006 Prepared litigation for class action pharmaceutical fraud antitrust lawsuit
  • Areas of expertise: pharmaceutical patents and generic substitute laws
  • May 2004- Legal Research Intern, Nantero, Woburn, MA
  • June 2006 Proofread and edited dozens of scientific patent applications and filings
  • Areas of expertise: semiconductor devices, nanotubes, computer memory
Scientific Achievements
  • Published 14 peer-reviewed articles in chemistry, physics, and materials science journals
  • Designed and led two clinical trials with researchers at leading academic medical centers
  • PhD thesis work granted invited talk at the American Physical Society March 2014 Meeting
  • Research publication featured as Key Scientific Article in Advances in Engineering news website
  • Twice served as invited peer reviewer: Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics
  • Worked for four technology start-ups: eHealth, semiconductors, fuel cells, nanotechnology
Doctoral Research
  • Solid-State Chemistry, PhD Student at Princeton, advised by Robert J Cava
  • Design, crystal growth, physical property characterization of novel electronic and magnetic materials
  • Focus on semiconductors, thermoelectrics, topological insulators, superconductors, synthesis
Publication List (350+ Citations, H-Index = 9)
  • MK Fuccillo, QD Gibson, MN Ali, LM Schoop, and RJ Cava, “Correlated Evolution of Colossal Thermoelectric Effect and Kondo Insulating Behavior,” Applied Physics Letters Materials 1, 062102 (2013). (Editor’s Pick, January 2014; Invited for APS talk)
  • MK Fuccillo, S Jia, ME Charles, and RJ Cava, “Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te2Se Compensated by Native Defects and Sn Doping,” Journal of Electronic Materials 42 (2013) 1. (Featured as a Key Scientific Article in Advances in Engineering)
  • MK Fuccillo, ME Charles, YS Hor, S Jia, and RJ Cava, “Low Temperature Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2-xSbxTeSe2 Crystals near the n-p Crossover,” Solid State Communications 152 (2012) 1208.
  • W Xie, MK Fuccillo, BF Phelan, H Luo, RJ Cava, “Stabilization of the Ti3Co5B2-type structure for Ti3−xSixRu5B2 through Si–Ti substitution,” Journal of Solid State Chemistry 227, (2015) 92.
  • H Luo, JW Krizan, L Muechler, N Haldolaarachchige, T Klimczuk, W Xie, MK Fuccillo, C Felser, and RJ Cava, “A large family of filled skutterudites stabilized by electron count,” Nature Communications, 6 (2015) 6849.
  • EM Seibel, LM Schoop, W Xie, QD Gibson, JB Webb, MK Fuccillo, JW Krizan, and RJ Cava, “Gold-Gold Bonding: The Key to Stabilizing the 19-Electron Ternary Phases LnAuSb (Ln = La-Nd and Sm),” Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (2015) 1282.
  • QD Gibson, D Evtushinsky, AN Yaresko, VB Zabolotnyy, MN Ali, MK Fuccillo, J Van den Brink, B Buchner, RJ Cava and SV Borisenko, “Quasi One Dimensional Dirac Electrons on the Surface of Ru2Sn3,” Scientific Reports, 2014 (In Press)
  • RJ Cava, H Ji, MK Fuccillo, QD Gibson, and YS Hor, “Crystal Structure and Chemistry of Topological Insulators,” Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1, (2013) 3176. (Feature Article with journal cover artwork I designed, Hot Article of 2013)
  • H Luo, T Klimczuk, L Müchler, L Schoop, D Hirai, MK Fuccillo, C Felser, and RJ Cava, “Superconductivity in the Cu(Ir1‑xPtx)2Se4 spinel,” Physical Review B, 87 (2013) 214510.
  • MN Ali, H Ji, D Hirai, MK Fuccillo, and RJ Cava, “Synthesis and Characterization of Two Crystallographic Forms of Ag0.79VS2,” Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 202 (2013) 77.
  • Huiwen Ji, JM Allred, MK Fuccillo, ME Charles, M Neupane, LA Wray, MZ Hasan, and RJ Cava, “Bi2Te1.6S1.4: A Topological Insulator in the Tetradymite Family,” Physical Review B, 85, 201103(R) (2012). (Rapid Communication)
  • S Jia, H Beidenkopf, I Drozdov, MK Fuccillo, J Seo, J Xiong, NP Ong, Ali Yazdani, and RJ Cava, “Defects and High Bulk Resistivities in the Bi-rich Tetradymite Topological Insulator Bi2+xTe2-xSe,” Physical Review B 86, 165119 (2012). (Editors’ Suggestion)
  • S Jia, Huiwen Ji, E Climent-Pascual, MK Fuccillo, ME Charles, Jun Xiong, NP Ong, and RJ Cava, “Low-carrier-concentration Crystals of the Topological Insulator Bi2Te2Se,” Physical Review B, 84, 235206 (2011). (Editors’ Suggestion)
  • M Webber, N Dimakis, D Kumari, M Fuccillo, and ES Smotkin, “Mechanically Coupled Internal Coordinates of Ionomer Vibrational Modes,” Macromolecules, 43 (2010) 5500.
Clinical Trials
  • Wellth Inc. in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania. PI: Barbara Riegel, CO-I: Stephen Kimmel, MK Fuccillo (2017) “A Behavioral Economics-Based Telehealth Intervention to Improve Post-MI Medication Adherence.” https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03022266
  • Wellth Inc. in collaboration with Princeton HealthCare System. PI: Steven Bergmann, CO-I: MK Fuccillo (2017) “Mobile App with Patient Financial Incentives for Adherence to Heart Failure Medications & Daily Self-Weighing.” https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03034551
Other Experience and Professional Memberships
  • 2007 National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • 2008 Golden Key International Honour Society
  • 2008 The Academy at Northeastern University
  • 2013-2014 Invited peer reviewer for Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics
  • 2015-2017 Question Writer for National Science Bowl
Health Tech Startup Accelerators
  • 2015 Tigerlabs (Princeton, NJ)
  • 2015 New York Digital Health Accelerator (New York, NY)
  • 2015 Healthbox Studios (Chicago, IL)
  • 2016 Dreamit (Philadelphia, PA)
Honor and Awards
  • 2005-2010 Northeastern University Excellence Scholarship
  • 2010 Magna cum laude, Northeastern University
  • 2010 American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award in Inorganic Chemistry
  • 2012 M.A. in Chemistry awarded with distinction, Princeton University
  • 2014 PhD thesis work granted an invited talk at the American Physical Society March 2014 Meeting
  • 2015 Winner, Center for Health Care Strategies Super-Utilizer Health Innovation Challenge (Wellth)
  • 2017 Winner, Digital Health Marketplace Grant with Mount Sinai (Wellth)

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