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Sachin Rane

Country: United States of America

Qualification: Ph.D. in Chemistry; University of Chicago

Communication style

Experienced mentor, will speak slow in easy English, and has interacted with ESL researchers.

  1. Instructor profile
Sachin is an experienced academic writing and publishing professional. He conducted research at the renowned University of Chicago, USA. Sachin is a highly experienced scientific editor and is currently working as Senior Language Analyst at Crimson Interactive. He has been instrumental in designing, developing, testing, and optimizing a journal selection tool for researchers. Sachin is available for consultation sessions on topics related to academic writing and publishing.
Professional Experience
Crimson Interactive
  • Senior Language Analyst, Technology; May 2014–Present
  • Analyzed industry requirements to suggest new products to the business team
  • Provided subject matter inputs to the software development team
  • Tested the products and provided feedback to the software development team
  • Used NLP technologies, expert systems, and machine learning tools to develop grammar correction tools
  • Designed, developed, tested, and optimized a journal selection tool.
  • Technical Expert, Editorial Research and Consultation; December 2010–May 2014
  • Founded a new team, Editorial Research and Consultation, to improve the quality of freelance editor work. This team handles the following responsibilities:
  • Setting quality criteria and test samples for the hiring of freelance editors
  • Checking editing quality of freelance editors and providing feedback
  • Providing inputs to the editing and project management teams
  • Quality Expert, Editorial division; December 2008–December 2010
  • Mentored freelance and in-house editors
  • Made decisions on hiring freelance editors, including setting the test samples, evaluating the sample, and providing feedback
  • Successfully hired more than 400 freelance editors
  • Provided feedback to the freelance editors
  • Set quality goals for the freelance and in-house editing teams
  • Edited manuscripts of various subjects
  • Editor, Editorial division; May 2007–December 2008
  • Edited over 2000 manuscripts on various subjects
Technical and Research Experience
  • Proficient in several SPM techniques including atomic force microscopy and its variants (e.g., conducting probe microscopy and electric force microscopy), scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy
  • Maintained the group AFM equipment and handled training of new students
  • Conducted AFM studies on polymers, proteins, colloidal nanoparticles, and metal nanostructures
  • UV-VIS and IR spectroscopy of conducting polymers, and nanogold and nanosilver colloids
  • Optical confocal microscopy setup and integration with AFM
  • Ultrafast Ti-Sapphire laser setup and maintenance
  • Vacuum deposition of thin films (e-beam and thermal deposition)
  • Langmuir-Blodgett film preparation
  • Photolithography, electron beam lithography, and SPM-based lithography to make nanostructures
  • University of Chicago, PhD; Chicago, IL: Chemistry; July 2006: Thesis on “Understanding Structure-Function Relationship in Conducting Polymers and Plasmonic Materials.” The thesis involved experimental and computational study of conducting polymers and plasmonic bandgap materials.
  • University of Chicago, MS; Chicago, IL Chemistry; June 1999
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), MSc (Integrated); Mumbai, India Chemistry; June 1997
  • Ultrafast Dephasing of Photoexcited Polarons in Primary Doped Polyaniline: The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106(50):12866-12873

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