Q : What is LIVE 1-to-1 video consulting?
A: LIVE 1-to-1 video consulting is a premium service that provides you (our clients) direct access to our expert publishing consultants, through an easy-to-access online platform.

Q : How will I benefit by signing up for your LIVE 1-to-1 video consultations?
A: One of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to converse with an expert, without any barrier, on getting successfully published. Whether you need help with manuscript drafting, grant writing, journal selection, or any other areas related to academic writing and publishing, our experts will be happy to help you!

Q : Are your expert consultants reliable?
A: Yes indeed. We screen prospective candidates using well-established quality indicators. All of our consulting experts are published authors. Besides, many of them serve as peer reviewers for journals. Don’t get surprised if you come across a peer reviewer for Science, Nature, or Cell, or an author who has actually published his/her research in similar high-impact journals. Many of our consultants have also received grants and awards in recognition of their research work.

Q : Can I choose an expert based on my current requirement?
A: Yes, that’s absolutely possible! We highlight the core achievements and areas of expertise of every single consultant. This gives you enough options to choose from.

Q : What are your current hourly consultation rates?
A: The hourly consultation rates vary according to the package you choose. Please register online for further details. Once you register, you will be presented with a list of package options.

Q : I am unable to understand people who speak too fast. How will this be taken care of?
A: As a matter of protocol, we clearly mention to our consultants that they need to speak slowly and clearly to facilitate easy understanding of authors whose native language is not English. We only recruit experts who communicate with sufficient clarity.

Q : Can I book a small session for about 15 minutes and pay you accordingly?
A: No. It is very difficult to organize mini sessions because of the nature of questions involved. Our experienced publishing experts need some time to effectively communicate their answers to you. Therefore, 15-minute-long sessions will not ideally serve the purpose.

Q : I am not much familiar with video-based consulting. Could you offer some help?
A: Certainly. If you have not used this platform before or if you have queries on its usage, please make sure you watch this YouTube video exclusively prepared for new users.

Q : : I have a few platform-related queries. Which webpage should I visit?
A: Please email us at consult@enago.com to get answers on any platform-related queries (e.g., mobile friendliness, browser compatibility, video recording, password reset, etc.).

Q : Who should I contact regarding any other related queries?
A: If you do not find an answer to your question after referring to the above FAQs, please type your query in this form. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks in advance for giving us an opportunity to serve you.