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Helped students of a Top Southeast Asian University publish in international journals


One of the top Southeast Asian universities placed a condition that even the Masters students have to be published authors in national or international journals for which they needed an experienced and highly-skilled vendor in academic writing to publish in local/national or global journals.


  • The client did not have experience in academic writing.
  • They faced a high possibility of journal rejection because of weak written English.
  • They had already tried local vendors – the vendors provided the service at low prices, but the quality did not meet their expectations.
  • They had received a high number of desk rejections.

Enago Solutions

  • Enago built a dedicated landing page for the client for ease of operations.
  • Advance English Editing service helped ensure better manuscript submission.
  • Helped them improve academic English writing with our SA expert editors.
  • With our journal selection service, we maximized the author’s chances of publication as we matched the manuscripts with the most appropriate journals as per their subject area & choice.
  • Professional pre-submission peer review within a few days to ensure that the desk rejections were minimized.


  • We built a seamless process for them to submit their manuscripts to Enago.
  • We successfully helped their authors in academic English writing to make sure that their manuscripts reach a high level.
  • Their desk rejections were minimized to the lowest number possible.
  • Successful manuscript submission to international journals that were the author’s first choice.

Praise from the client

Quick turnaround time, professional editors with years of experience and well-timed response to all the authors’ questions was remarkable! Enago’s team is cohesive and processes are result-oriented. Our experience has been really great. We are now looking forward to collaborating with Enago in the future for more projects.

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