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Assisted students of a Top Singapore University publish successfully


One of the top universities in Singapore wanted their subject area professors to mentor students and provide all the support they require – from writing their manuscript to publishing it in top international journals.


  • The university faculty already had plenty of academic/faculty work to take care of. They couldn’t allocate time for any extra work or were not keen on multitasking as that may compromise the quality of the outcome.
  • It’s a highly tedious & time-intensive job for subject area professors to guide every student in their publication journey.
  • Authors with English as their Second Language require more help subject-wise and in written English.
  • The quality of the paper was sub-par due to limited expertise in written English.


  • Dedicated landing pages were created for the client as per the services for ease of operations.
  • Reviewing the quality of their content meticulously to match it with prevailing international journals.
  • Substantive Editing, our premier editing service, helped with native SA expert editors to minimize errors in written English.
  • Helped with formatting the manuscripts as per the journal’s guidelines.
  • Helped to solve author’s subject related doubts with 24/7 support.
  • Relevant Add-on: Revised/Rejected Paper-editing service to help authors with resubmission of their manuscripts to journals of their choice.


  • Helped the university professors by lowering their workload and assisted their students in the publication journey.
  • Our continual input increased their manuscript acceptance rate considerably.
  • Authors were satisfied with the experts with years of experience helping them to solve their subject related doubts.

Praise from the client

Enago excelled at each step & did everything possible to ensure all our requests were met completely. They are swift in their approach and their work is remarkable. We are pleased that we decided to collaborate with Enago for this important project. It was an absolute delight to work with Team Enago.

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