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Helped a Renowned society for Orthopedics get their Journal indexed in Scopus


Enago assisted TP - University: Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, a well-known society for Orthopedics in Colombia, get their journals indexed in Scopus.

Project Summary

  • Service requirement: English Translation Expertise for Journal Publication
  • Language: Spanish to English
  • Research Topics/Subject Areas Covered: Orthopedics Surgery and Traumatology

The Plot

This client needed a combination of services to help them get their journal indexed in Scopus. The client had divided the entire project into individual manuscript assignments and emphasized on managing the entire process via a secure portal.

The Enago Solution

  • Provided a localized Secure Web Portal.
  • Assisted the Society with Professional Spanish Translation Expertise.
  • Helped them increase their citations - this eventually helped in journal indexing in Scopus.
  • Provided Quality Focused Translation.
  • Assisted with localized support: Helped their authors/researchers connect with our expert local team whenever in doubt.
  • Went the extra mile: Created separate forms/pages for different subject areas such as joint injury, nerve injuries, etc., to submit their papers to experts and get them in the ready form to submit to the journal. Dedicated CS and Project Management Team members helped them achieve their goals.
  • Add-On Services: Helped them with an E-Learning platform to educate their Authors about "how to write a research paper" & "how to get it published".


Enago helped them develop their manuscripts error-free and ready to publish in the journal of choice. We ensured seamless coordination between all departments involved in the projects throughout.

Praise from the client

Good afternoon, let me share when reviewing the translation of the article, I was pleasantly surprised, since not only was the translation exercise very judicious, but the coherence of the text was sought, which gave the idea of the thematic knowledge of the person who carried out the exercise. I found the translation to be of high quality.

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