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Resolved Payment Processing & Researcher doubts for Universidad de Monterreys


A top institution in Mexico, Universidad de Monterrey, wanted to have one vendor for their editing and translation needs as they faced challenges during the payment processes. Moreover, they wanted to help their researchers with experts to resolve the doubts researchers have as per their subject areas.


  • Payment processing delays & invoicing issues faced with other vendors.
  • No resolution for researchers’ doubts – no one to help their authors with subject area doubts.
  • No help for the university to reach their researchers for the manuscript services provided by vendors.

The Enago Solution

  • Workshops:
    Helping university researchers with a one-stop workshop where our team members explained how to place an order, get benefits given by Enago, and increase their chances of publishing their manuscripts in the journal of their choice.
  • Webinars:
    Subject Areas specific webinars to help them get more knowledge.
  • Personalized Landing Page:
    The Enago - Universidad de Monterrey landing page made in regional language to help the researchers understand the services and place orders swiftly.
  • Services offered:
    English Editing – Standard and Premium, ES-EN Translation (with editing + formatting). Constantly innovating service delivery benchmarks.
  • Dedicated CS and payments team:
    Assisting the university researchers to resolve the doubts they have with their subject or paper by allocating a team of subject area experts/editors with more than 19.4 years of experience.
  • Helping the university resolve the payment issues by sharing with them a dedicated payments team resource.
  • Add-On Services:
    Helped them with academic resources on their personalized landing page to educate them about "how to write a research paper" & "how to get it published".


  • Overall paper submissions increased significantly.
  • Seamless payment process achieved.
  • Subject area experts flawlessly addressed all user concerns.

Praise from the client

I have had the opportunity to work with Enago specifically to deal with payment process issues, resolution of researcher’s doubts, dissemination of their services within the UDEM, etc. I can say that the service they provide is excellent; they have a personalized treatment for us and they promptly address our concerns, always providing solutions that are practical and efficient for everyone. It’s definitely a company with which it is a pleasure to work together.

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