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Enago offers services which help authors to enhance the quality and presentation of their manuscripts and to succeed in their publication goals. Enago makes it possible for publishers to retain more papers submitted by improving the quality of manuscript going into peer review. Enago is a preferred partner for many leading publishers, journals and societies around the world.

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2 million+ authors assisted in 125 countries

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2000+ editors PhD, Masters only

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19.4+ years of average editing experience

Collaboration Models

There are three collaboration options for publishers. Each of these options extend the level of service a publisher can provided to its authors.


Integrated Service Partnership

This is Enago’s most comprehensive partnership option. We work with the publisher to create a custom programme which can include any element of Enago’s service offering,

  • From editing and translation services,
  • Author marketing products,
  • Education products (e.g. EnagoLearn)
  • Custom education services (webinars, workshops)
  • AI products for manuscript assessment using the publisher’s own metadata to create a unique and custom experience for the author.

Enago manages all end-to-end operations and communication with authors. Enago will create customized websites specifically branded using the publisher’s own look and feel.


Strategic Services Partnership

The publisher can offer a co-branded (publisher and Enago) platform for authors to order language services such as editing.

Everyone wins: the author receives a publisher-enabled discount to purchase editing or translation services; the publisher can create a new revenue stream by earning income on every successful referral from the co-branded website. Enago creates the co-branded websites at no cost to the publisher.


Exclusive Recommendation

Enago creates a simple account for Enago services, which publishers can exclusively recommend to affiliated authors through their portal and author guideline pages.

Authors are able to order language services at discounted prices and gain access to our team of expert editors, peer reviewers & translators with, on average, 19.4 years of experience in research & review articles publication.

Clients Testimonials

Reasons To Choose Enago

Brand Visibility

Maximize your global reach, use our expertise for an impactful presence in regions where English is a second language.

Global Service,
Local Support

Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers and institutions locally with offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and New York.

English Editors

Our editors are all native English speakers (drawn from US, UK, Australia, Canada), able to ensure impeccable English language.

Subject Area Matching
& "Two Editor" System

Every manuscript submitted to us is always matched and fully reviewed by expert editors, mostly PhDs, and highly specialized subject-area expertise.

Assured Security and
24-hour Availability

We provide 24*7 customer support, and have built robust data security and secured payment optionsto ensure data confidentiality.

Enago Promise

"The Enago Promise" guarantees that any manuscript edited by Enago will never be rejected on the basis of poor language.

How We Assist Authors

Language Editing & Formatting, Proofreading

We offer the highest quality professional editing and proofreading services to help authors publish their work in international journals. We help with after-sales services support that authors may need in every step their publication journey.

Publication Support

A one-stop solution that will take you through each stage, seamlessly, from helping researchers find the right international English journal for manuscript publication to journal submission, peer review and journal decision. Other services include cover letters, infographics, posters, help selecting the right journal, creating images to include with manuscripts and many other services.

Academic Translation Services

We provide academic translation services to researchers and publishers in the world's most spoken language, helping authors communicate with the audience all over the world. Our team of professionals with expertise in 50+ languages and presence across 125+ countries delivers localized services to help global enterprises build a strong local presence.

Technology Platform/Products

AuthorONE - Enago's AI-powered solution for publishers that offers manuscript assessment (AuthorONE) and automated copy-editing (AuthorONE Edit) technology on one platform. With a robust account management system, it enables management of all the titles and editorial teams on a single customizable platform.

Book Editing Services

We offer academic editing and proofreading services to optimize the readability and accuracy of multiple-chapter and multiple-author content. Authors will submit their final draft and Enago proofreaders will thoroughly check it for errors related to grammar and punctuation. If any problems are discovered, they are flagged and corrected.

Author Education

Webinars and workshops conducted by industry experts on all aspects of the scholarly and research communication process. Helping authors overcome all challenges in publishing and educating through articles and resources that guide them to create impactful manuscripts and achieve publication success by publishing their manuscripts in Journals.

Case Studies

Partners & Memberships

Enago has partnered with several organizations and is a member of many prestigious institutions.

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