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VIP Editor Pack: Top Rated Editors Deliver Top Quality

“VIP Editors” are select editors from Enago’s pool of 2000+ expert editors. They have consistently been awarded the highest ratings by clients for their top-notch editing quality. Obviously, they cannot edit every manuscript from every client.

Now with “VIP Editor Pack,” you can get these highly sought-after editors to edit your manuscript and benefit from their accurate grasp of author’s intent, superior editing quality, and their insightful writing tips and publication advice.

Clients who have chosen our VIP Editor Pack report a marked increase in the quality and always reserve the same editors for their future assignments. Increase your chances of publication in SCI journals by choosing our VIP Editors now!

What We Offer

Highest-rated editors deliver unmatched quality

Best editors in the industry in your subject area

Lower case load means more attention in each assignment

Free AI report that evaluates your manuscript quality and publication readiness

Benefits of VIP Editor Pack

What’s different about VIP Editors?
VIP editors are our highest-rated editors by clients and our in-house Quality Control team. They can only work on limited assignments and are paid higher rates on account of their performance. Now with “VIP Editor Pack,” you could get them to work for you!

What difference does this make in the regular editing services?
Adding “VIP Editor Pack” to your Substantive Editing or Copyediting services does not change our standard workflow, which guarantees two subject area experts editing your manuscript. VIP Editors have a track record of accurately capturing author’s intent and helping authors improve their research writing with their apposite comments. With this add-on feature, we make them available to all our clients.

Exclusive Suggestions to Improve Your Manuscript

View a sample of VIP Editor’s suggestions

We provide exclusive comments and suggestions by the VIP Editor in our Editor’s Message that accompanies every delivered manuscript.

The VIP Editors will summarize their suggestions and comments in “strengths of the paper,” “areas of improvement,” and “publication readiness” to assess your paper and help you improve your academic writing. These comments also help you understand the reasons for the editor’s revisions.

Free AI report Equivalent to $50

With the VIP editor add-on, you will receive an Artificial Intelligence (AI) report on your research manuscript with details on any issues noted in the various sections and with suggestions for enhancements. This report will be evaluated by the same VIP editor that edited your manuscript and will contain suggestions for improving the overall chances of publishing your manuscript. The learnings gained from this report will be of use to you when drafting future research manuscripts. Furthermore, this report evaluates the publication readiness of your manuscript and recommends steps to ensure successful publication.

For the AI report to be correctly generated, a fully structured manuscript is required. The AI report may not get generated in some cases, such as technical issues or an unconventional manuscript structure.

View sample AI reports with more than 45 checks

Our Happy Customers

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Our Pricing

Number of words Flat Rate(USD)
Upto 3,000 50
3,001 - 6,000 75
6,001 - 10,000 90
Above 10,000 An additional charge of 10 USD
for every 1,000 words added

How to use the VIP Editor pack?

1. Please select "Substantive Editing" or "Copy Editing" in the quotation form.
2. Select "VIP Editor Pack" in the Add-ons section

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

It will be available under Enago's Copy Editing and Substantive Editing services.

There is no difference in the after-sales service. The same terms and conditions apply to both scenarios.

No. The delivery date is the same as that for other services.

Please click here to check pricing for the VIP Editor pack.

If a VIP Editor cannot be appointed due to reasons such as unavailability of the editor, the additional fee for the pack will be refunded. Our client servicing team will contact you in such a case, and once we receive confirmation from you, we will process the manuscript under your selected service without a VIP Editor.

The AI Report is an additional offering under the VIP Editor Pack. If, for any reason, the AI report cannot be generated but a VIP Editor has started working on your manuscript, the additional fee will not be refunded.

We request you to refer to the profiles posted on our website. We do not share editor profiles via private correspondence.

VIP Editors are the highest-rated editors among Enago’s editors. They have a long track record of receiving high marks from clients and from our internal Quality Control team by having demonstrated superior editing skills and a great ability to understand the author’s intent correctly. They are also paid higher fees on account of their performance.

No. The editing processes under Substantive Editing and Copyediting remain the same with the addition of VIP Editor Pack. However, the additional sections of “strengths of the paper,” “areas of improvement,” and “publication readiness” in Editor’s Message are exclusive to clients who have opted for VIP Editor Pack.

About 20% of the clients who opt for VIP Editor Pack are new clients. Most of them express satisfaction of “never experienced such editing quality from any editing service provider” and “I didn’t even know my thoughts could be expressed so thoroughly in English.”

However, if you don’t wish to opt for VIP Editor Pack now, rest assured that Enago’s Two Editor System of two separate editing by two subject matter experts will deliver a quality manuscript. You could read more about our quality promise here.

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